Video advertising can increase video engagement, improve your advertising future, and support your branded media across multiple platforms. They encourage viewers to not only convert to customers, but share the advertisement with their friends, which expands your brand’s reach and public image.

Not only that, but video advertising is quickly becoming the standard across multiple industries. PubMatic, a popular digital advertising company, recently revealed that, according to their analysis of global advertising trends, video advertising has viewership numbers close to 2.3 billion and rising. Additionally, research from HubSpot suggests that more than 50% of consumers prefer video content.

Here’s why you should take advantage of this massive viewership.

Video ads have higher engagement

Utilizing video advertising plays into what your audience not only expects, but prefers. By providing high-quality branded videos for your customers to view, you’ll be able to increase video engagement.

This is no blanket statement; it’s backed by recent analytical reports. Research has shown much higher engagement rates on video advertisements. Media Mind reports that consumers watching video ads are more than 27 times as likely to click through than those exposed to standard site banners.

Given the expansion of video advertising in recent years, and its projected growth, this higher engagement level can mean a significant increase in conversion for your brand.

Video ads are shareable

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InVideo’s analysis of social media trends in 2020 revealed that 92% of mobile video consumers shared videos with others. On top of this, White Board Animation reports that 700 videos are shared to Twitter every minute. This massive influx of new, optimized content can lead to an explosive reach growth which can expose your brand to more people than would otherwise see it.

Creating an entertaining, informative, or otherwise impactful branded media optimized for the mobile space can open your advertising future to a whole new audience based on sharing alone. This broader audience means a higher potential to reach those willing to buy and to build a strong, loyal customer base.

Video ads have a higher click-through rate

According to Hoot Suite, up to 70% of viewers bought from a brand that they saw advertised on YouTube, which is more than on any other site. Additionally, according to Smaato, the average CTR for video advertisements on mobile devices is 7.5 times higher than for standard still display ads.

Viewers of video advertisements often feel they are getting a more thorough introduction to the product than they would through still images. When given more detail, a viewer is more likely to click through to learn even more, and from there is more likely to complete the buyer’s journey.

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