Part of the magic of film is that it transports viewers from the real world to a fictionalized one that still parallels reality. One way that many films make this transformation possible is by using branded content to make the film more engaging and relatable.

Now, more than ever, there is a huge demand for talented filmmakers to work with real brands. Instead of forcing design teams to tip-toe around real products and logo uses in their films, many independent filmmakers prefer to tell a story using actual brands to make their films more relatable and authentic.

Through branded content, both indie filmmakers and brands can partake in a mutually beneficial relationship where brands pay for advertising and independent filmmakers get an authentic touch via a real company’s products or services to utilize in their stories on-screen.

What Is Branded Content?

Branded content is material belonging to a specific brand. For example, a regular glass of soda is not branded, but a distinctive bottle of Coca-Cola is. Whenever content is branded, filmmakers need rights from the brand in order to use their products in the movie.

Once approved, indie filmmakers can use the company’s products, services, brand names, etc. The problem with product placement done in this way is that the brand will be forced into an existing narrative, distracting the viewer. With FF Branded, our filmmakers craft a story around your brand from the ground up—not the other way around. We write a custom script featuring your brand and what problems you solve for your customers. . Because of this, branded content is highly beneficial in both advertising the company and gaining trust and respect from the viewer. Your audience becomes engaged in the problem your brand solves.

How Is Branded Content Beneficial?

For the indie film team, it takes a lot of time, resources, and money to create non-branded content. Not to mention, some non-branded content sticks out like a sore thumb and distracts from the storytelling. Branded content, on the other hand, blends the brand and the story seamlessly. 

With branded content filmmaking, we create the story with the brand at the center. It’s not a distracting placement of a product into an existing narrative. This puts your brand’s service or solution at the core of the storytelling, getting the value across to your customers (the literal audience) in a genuine and compelling way.

How Is Branded Content Different From a Commercial?

A commercial is a blatant advertisement to buy something. It’s a hard sell. Instead of screaming BUY OUR PRODUCT BECAUSE IT’S GREAT, showing your customers your brand’s value in a story-driven way via a branded film is much more likely to gain your customer’ trust and earn their respect. You need to treat your customers as real people, not dollar signs. Do that, and the dollars will come.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to note that it’s important for companies looking to promote their services via branded content to view the relationship as a partnership, not transactional. Through your partnership, you can help indie filmmakers create an authentic and meaningful film while still promoting your product in an affordable and effective manner.

If you’re a brand interested in working with real filmmakers to tell your story, contact us today to get a custom quote based on your needs.

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