We craft a story around your customers' problem—and your company's solution.

When it comes to corporate video production, no one wants to see your company's founders talking to the camera anymore  — except for maybe your company's founders. Customers want to be captivated by your brand's story, not sold your company's history, work ethic, or mission statement. They want to be shown — in a compelling way — why your product or service is relevant to them, why they should go with you, how your company will improve their day-to-day lives.

They want a branded film.

Read on to see how to educate and entertain your prospective customers with corporate video production done by real filmmakers. Think of it like a short film about your product or service.

Why Produce a branded film?

62% Positive Reaction
Source: Facebook.com
Source: Facebook.com
200% Watch-Through

People who watch branded videos are 62% more likely to show a positive reaction compared with those who watched 30-second ads (AdAge).

Longer-form ads were also both more effective in lifting brand favorability than the 15-second ad. The extra depth and dimension of more complex stories created a more meaningful connection to the brand (Google).

"We've found that higher-quality videos tend to capture viewers' attention for at least one minute. Give viewers a true video experience, not a slideshow. Minimize still images and focus on content that takes best advantage of video's capacity for capturing movement and motion.”


To see an example of a branded film we've produced, watch "Super Hero Mom" below, a branded film we made for L Laundromat, and read on for more about our approach to corporate video production.

Rather than produce a traditional commercial that would hard-sell your services, we'll craft a story-based film that will entertain and educate your potential customers about your service.

Why us?


In addition to our roster of award-winning filmmakers, FF Branded is helmed by Thomas Verdi, a multi-award winning filmmaker and producer.

Large Talent Pool

We've created a community of over 4,500 filmmakers and production companies all over the world. We'll find the best talent for your production and produce the perfect video for your unique client.


Because of our easy access to distributed talent, we can find the right filmmaker for you from our roster anywhere in the world. That means we won't bill you for unnecessary travel—like some agencies.

"People don’t want to see ads, but they might stop if it’s something that’s interesting and it looks like their friend is posting it, and it doesn’t seem like an ad.”

— Savannah Sanchez, Media Buyer and Ad Consultant

We're headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, USA, but we can produce a video for you anywhere via our global network of producers.

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