Does your website have videos? 

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More and more people are watching videos rather than reading blocks of text. Google algorithms are changing accordingly, and if you aren’t a part of that shift, your site might get left behind. 

Search engine algorithms are constantly in motion. These platforms don’t do this maliciously; they are simply adjusting to the times and making sure pertinent information gets to the front, while leaving sites that lack quality in the dust. This ever-shifting landscape of online marketing means improving your website’s SEO is a game of whack-a-mole: you’ve got to pay attention.

For years, the go-to SEO strategy has been simple: have a blog, and make sure your keywords are in there. But times are changing: the competition is so fierce, and the amount of information so vast, the filters on content are tightening considerably. Videos are now a power player in the web-traffic arms race.

But what can videos do for your business?

Increase Consumer Interest

There are countless industries that aim to attract customers to their sites. While we can’t name them all, here are a few (very broad) use cases that you might identify with:

  • Bloggers and information sites aim solely to attract customers to their website. These industries monetize their consumer’s time, via display and video ads. 
  • Product and Affiliate marketers also seek to bring customers to their site, but they have specific commerce goals – from link clicks to subscription purchases. These industries want to engage, entice, and excite their users.  
  • Brick and mortar locations often have “convenience” sites. These websites offer products and services without the need to enter the physical location. They look to persuade, assist, and manage their users throughout the sales funnel.

Regardless of what you are doing, it boils down to a simple fact: People usually prefer to watch a video instead of reading. 

There are numerous approaches to this that you can practice on your website. 

  • Product highlight videos
    • You highlight a product, market it through your own video, and explain to potential customers why this is a must-have product. It’s to the good old days of door-to-door salespeople – Only this time, you’re not knocking on doors. Your sales and promotional videos can easily turn into the driving force behind your product sales on your website.
  • Product spotlights
    • Highlight videos for top selling products. It’s a short, snappy highlight video that sits atop your web page and gives the customer an overview—as well as entices them. When used correctly, these videos are extremely convincing.
  • Culture, Brand, and Values highlight
    • We’ve all heard it a million times now:  you have to create a connection to your audience. What better way to align your customers to your brand and company than through visual storytelling?
  • Instructional Videos
    • These can both help existing users of your product or service, as well as demonstrate value for customers still considering. A simple video changes annoyance and confusion into customer satisfaction and increased conversion. 
Image: A customer with a problem good video marketing could solve.

Solve Problems

Some of the highest-ranked pages—in terms of search algorithms—are the ones that directly and efficiently answer the questions of potential customers or solve potential problems that people might face. 

These are the kinds of videos that you need to have if you provide a service to end users:

  • Video User Manuals
  • Instruction Videos
  • Start-Up Video Guides
  • Problem-solving videos

While these don’t (read shouldn’t) directly sell products, they make your customers happy, bring in quality traffic, and increase your SEO rating.  Having both written copy and video material ranks highly with Google. 

A group of workers earning more money with video marketing.

Increase returns

Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising there is: 87% of video marketers are reporting positive returns on their investment in marketing videos. 

Video marketing is a growing industry, and it meshes well with quality copy. You don’t have to stick with just one thing, so long as you incorporate it into your overall vision of your blog, and it’s quality video, you will recognize returns on your investment. 

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Provide easy, engaging content

It doesn’t matter what it’s for, so long as it is quality and presents relevant and interesting information. Oftentimes, these videos should be included with your blog articles so that the option is there if the consumer wants more information on the topic. 

For freelance writers and bloggers everywhere, video is a growing standard. With blogs, you are presenting key information to consumers that both interests and intrigues them. Just note, this can be a double edged sword – you won’t get any traffic if your videos and content are low quality (boring, useless, or repetitive)

Camera depicting videos for internal company use.

Streamline internal operations

These are the kinds of videos that you want to create for employees throughout the ladder. Creating precise, informative videos ensures everyone is on the same page—and takes another meeting off the schedule. Who doesn’t want that? 

With the huge shift in the last two years from the workplace to a work-from-home or remote atmosphere, internal videos are an excellent method for getting the word out. There are several reasons that internal videos can improve the workplace.

  • Build connections with your employees
  • It’s a low-cost, money-saving alternative to other means of communication
  • It appeals to a broad array of learning styles
  • It’s more engaging to employees over huge blocks of text

There are a multitude of ways to get these videos across or present them to other members of your group. 

  • Instructional Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Safety Videos
  • Meetings
  • High-Level Staff Instruction

It doesn’t take much to create and present a video, and it’s probably one of the most effective ways to communicate in the workplace. 

All Things Considered

There is a large and growing consumer base that is more attracted to watching videos over reading copy, and you should strongly consider adding video to your blog or site. Your competitors are already. Let’s get your business caught up today

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