You can't do everything.

Your agency thrives because you specialize in a certain area of expertise, be it SEO, web development, or public relations. You might not have the budget, the time, or even the desire to launch a video production department, but you know video can provide immense value to your clients. Or maybe you already make videos but want to offload some additional work. That's where we come in. Your clients need video, and we know how to produce it for a reasonable cost.

With our Agency Partnership Program, we split the revenue for the project. Instead of just referring your clients to another shop, why not bring in some money while you're at it? After all, they are your clients. We'll work with you to understand your clients' needs and also what you need from us. Explore our services for agencies, and get in touch via the form below.

Why partner with us?


In addition to our roster of award-winning filmmakers, FF Branded is helmed by Thomas Verdi, a multi-award winning fillmmaker and producer.


Because of our easy access to distributed talent, we can find the right filmmaker for you from our roster anywhere in the world. That means we won't bill you for unnecessary travel—like some agencies.

Large Talent Pool

We've created a community of over 3,000 filmmakers and production companies all over the world. We'll find the best talent for your production and produce the perfect video for your client.

Our Services for agencies

Video Production

Branded films, music videos

Tap into our global network of producers to create engaging videos for your digital marketing or PR agency clients.

Creative Development

JUst the ideas

If you already have production capabilities, we're happy to handle the creative. We'll write full treatments and scripts to hand off.

Professional Editing

we'll make you look good

If you already have video footage shot, we'd be happy to edit it into an eye-catching video complete with animations and transitions if desired.

Get in touch via the form below.